Weimaraner Breed

The Weimaraner

The Weimaraner dog is often call dog with humain brain. This dog need to have outdoor exercice where the dog can run freely and at the same time the weimaraner need mental stimulation.  



  • dependent on his master.
  • very attached to children.
  • guardian and protector.
  •  Flaw: speration anxiety.


  • They like to have news challenges.
  • The have a good capacity to learn.
  • You must be constant.
  • You must not be too harsh.
  • They are not good dog as your first dog.

Sport and Discipline

  • Agility
  • Hunting
  • Obediance
  • Traction (Cani-cross, bike-jöring, ski-jöring)

C.K.C Standard

  • Male: 25 to 27 inch
  • Female: 23 to 25 inch
  • Expression of pride
  • Accepted Color: only variety of gray