Ch. Cazaway Corail of Lima RN FDJ (Retired)

Lima is independent in nature, always out there to explore. She loves to swim and work for us. She has a lot of patience, which allows us to easily adapt to these needs. She is attentive to everything that is happening around her and is on the lookout for the needs of all family members.

At work, Lima easily adapts to various situations. She loves birds and learns several dog disciplines. She is able to forgive mistakes that we can do.

Ch. Cazaway Corail of Lima RN FDJ

Health Test

  • OFA hips Excellent – WE-12462E27F-VPI
  • OFA elbow Normal – WE-EL1861F27-VPI
  • OFA cardiac Normal – WE-CA234/19F/C-VPI
  • OFA Thyroide (Thyroid) Normal – WE-TH567/28F-VPI
  • CERF yeux (eyes) – Normal – WE-EYE250/34F-V

Here is the link for OFA: OFA Dog health test link

Genetic health test

  • Weimaraner spinal dystrophy, gene NKX2-8: Normal (N/N)
  • Hyperuricosuriaq, gene SLC2A9-202: Carrier (M/N)
  • Weimaraner Hypomyelination, gene FNIP252: Normal (N/N)
  • Degenerative myelopatht, gene SOD1NN : Normal (N/N)

C.K.C Award


  • Champion Conformation (Ch.)

Pointing Field trial & Tests

  • Field Dog Junior (FDJ)

Rally Obedience Trials

  • Novice Title (RN)

Do More With Your Dog ! Award

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)
  • 2K9