Cazaway Dancing Queen FDJ

Salsa is a bitch who embodies the expression: Happy-go-lucky. Her love for humans ensures that she is always up for any activity. She is alway ready for anything, she only ask for some cuddle.  She is not always aware of how big she is. Provided with a great sensitivity, it is necessary to work gently, dexterity and consistency with Salsa.

At work, Salsa is very cooperative. She is eager to learn.

Test de santé

  • OFA hips – GOOD –  WE-13272G48F-VPI
  • OFA elbow – NORMAL – WE-13272G48F-VPI
  • OFA Thyroid – NORMAL – WE-TH643/26F-VPI
  • OFA Cardiac – NORMAL – WE-BCA27/28F/C-VPI
  • OFA Eye – NORMAL – WE-EYE500/28F-VPI

Here the link for OFA: OFA Dog health test link

Genetic Health Test

  • Weimaraner spinal dystrophy, gene NKX2-8: Carrier (M/N)
  • Hyperuricosuriaq, gene SLC2A9-202: Normal (N/N)
  • Weimaraner Hypomyelination, gene FNIP252: Normal (N/N)
  • Degenerative myelopatht, gene SOD1NN : Normal (N/N)

C.K.C Awards

Pointing Field trial & Test

  • Field Dog Junior (FDJ)

Do More With Your Dog ! Award

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)
  • A to Z (AtoZ)
  • 20:1
  • 2K9