Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Cazaway breeding is to promote the qualities and abilities of the breed while continuing to improve it. Dogs are raised as both family and working dogs.

The expression sane mind lives in healthy body has never been so true for the Weimaraner. Good physical ciondition is ensured by free walks in mountainous regions.

Mental development is provided by various activities such as obedience, hunting, agility and searching games.

The environment

We are living in the Charlevoix region. We have access to large spaces with forest and fields so our dogs can run freely.

Our dogs are full members of our family. They live with us in the house and not in a kennel. Puppies are raised in the family space and socialized to all the noises and manipulations necessary from an early age.

Who are we ?

Stéphanie Côté

I have been an animal health technician since 2002. It is the love and passion for animals that led me to choose this profession. I welcome my first Weimaraner in 2010. This bitch introduced me to an athletic, endearing and energetic breed of dog that will do anything for its owner. The intelligence of this breed allows them to accomplish so much feats. Always close to her master, she knew how to understand my moods and protect me during walks in the forest.

Jean-François Simard

I discovered this breed the same time I met Stephanie. I was amazed at the versatility of this breed and the intensity of their gaze. Along with Stéphanie, I have developed the versatility of our dogs. In 2016, I made my debut in rally obedience and in 2017, I started my first training for hunting. For the future, I plan to add tracking and odor detection. My goal is to develop and maintain versatility for our line of dogs.